Our Future Starts Today

Baltimore needs change.  Once known as Charm City, today, we face a failing school system, high crime rates, and neighborhoods in need of revitalization.  Every child deserves a quality education no matter where they live.  Everyone deserves to feel safe and live in a community vibrant with businesses and housing.  We don’t need to wait for change.  Together, we can arrive at solutions that yield real results to build a strong future for Baltimore today.


  • A quality education is essential to help students reach their full potential. As an attorney, as well as a nonprofit and government leader, Nicole will use her advocacy experience to push for additional resources, smarter investment, and accountability in the education of our students. Read More


Public Safety

  • Community partnerships are a critical element to improve public safety in Baltimore. Nicole will build coalitions with the Northern and Northeast districts of the Baltimore Police Department and grassroots organizations so people feel safe in their communities. Read More



  • To move Baltimore forward, our communities must thrive with successful businesses and a growing housing market. Nicole will gather community input and actively seek partnerships with representatives of the district’s unique make up to revitalize the economy of the 4th District, so that our shops and businesses can thrive for decades to come. Read More